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Chililabombwe seized more than 8000 bags of mealie meal

In Chililabombwe, more than 8000 bags of mealie meal that were on their way to the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were seized.

Elisha Matambo, minister for the Copperbelt, has subsequently ordered smugglers to halt their “nonsense” or risk arrest.

According to Mr. Matambo, smugglers are denying citizens mealie meal, which is intended to be stored for consumption. As a result, he issued a warning to make sure that those found to be ineligible will be dealt with.

He was speaking at Chililabombwe to assess the situation with mealie meal because it has been reported that certain individuals are smuggling the product into the Democratic Republic of the Congo for sale (DRC).

Precious Njekwa, the district commissioner, briefed Mr. Matambo and revealed that around 8,000 bags of mealie meal have so far been taken from alleged smugglers.

Ms. Njekwa claimed that although automobiles, bicycles, and motorbikes had been impounded after being discovered transporting the contraband, the legislation is still effective.

“We have seized about 25 motor vehicles, 53 bicycles and some motor bikes that were carrying mealie meal destined to be snuggled into DRC. However, quick intervention by our men and women in uniform who are alert have ensure the commodity was seized before it could cross over,” he said.

In response, the Copperbelt Minister warned smuggler’s that the law will deal with them as they are depriving citizens of the commodity.

“Let us stop the nonsense. Mealie meal should be in the households, but is now being smuggled into DRC illegally. This is now depriving citizens who are supposed to buy the commodity at affordable prices and is also leading to panic buying,” he said.

Mr. Matambo had earlier issued a warning to smugglers to cease undermining government efforts to ensure food security when visiting millers in Ndola and Luanshya.

Because the vice is generating an early shortage of the item, Mr. Matambo recommended millers and retailers to sell mealie meal on the market rather than divert it towards smuggling.

” Millers and retailers should not be part of those sabotaging Government over mealie-meal, but should instead work with Government to help feed our people. Anyone who will be found wanting will have themselves to blame as your licence will be revoked,” he said.

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