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Mposha: Quit Encrossing Lubu Dam

Mike Mposha, the water development minister, has ordered Chinsali, Muchinga province officials to halt encroaching on the area near the Lubu dam.
According to Mr. MPOSHA, the individuals responsible for erecting a wire fence along the dam must be located and dispersed within the next two weeks.

The Minister was speaking in the Chinsali district when he met with Senior Chief NKULA, Chief NKWETO, and Chief MUBANGA as well as Muchinga Provincial Permanent Secretary, HENRY MUKUNGULE.

Waterbodies that are being encroached upon by people ought to be protected through coordinated actions, according to Mr. MPOSHA.

And according to Mr. MPOSHA, the government is determined to ensuring that by 2030, all citizens will have access to safe and clean water.

The residents of Chinsali, who primarily rely on shallow wells, will receive clean, safe drinking water from the Lubu dam once it is operational, according to Mr. MUKUNGULE.

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