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Chingola Distributes K4.7 Million In Subsidies And Grant

180 cooperatives in the Chingola constituency of the Copperbelt have received grants and scholarships totaling more than 4.7 million kwacha.

The checks for the Constituency Development Fund’s third and fourth quarter disbursements were delivered by Chingola’s MP, CHIPOKA MULENGA.

Mr. MULENGA urged the recipients to handle the funds wisely and prevent it from going into individual pockets.

He claimed that the government is attempting to raise people’s living conditions and that CDF will have a significant impact on many lives.

The government is releasing communities’ economic potential through CDF, according to Mr. MULENGA, who is also the minister of commerce.

Prior to this, UPND Chingola Constituency Chairman BISHOP CHINGEMBU urged all recipients of the funding to get to work right once and demonstrate the government’s good intentions toward its constituents.

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