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Police Conducting investigation Into Tutwa Ngulube’s death

The late attorney Tutwa Ngulube passed away last month following a brief illness, and the police have filed an investigation file into his death.

The investigation will result in an inquest to help determine the circumstances surrounding the death of the late attorney Tutwa.

Given Lubinda, the acting president of the Patriotic Front (PF), and the police both released statements confirming the news.

Police examined Mr. Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda, Dr. Canisius Banda, Emmanuel Mwamba, and George Chisanga today, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

“This is in connection to the inquiry file that Police opened in relation to the death of Mr Tutwa Ngulube.Statements were recorded from the five persons around 09:00 hours,” he said.

Additionally, the late Tutwa’s death should be viewed with suspicion, according to PF interim president Mr. Lubinda, who also urged anyone with information to come forward.

Speaking to press in Lusaka during a session with police at which he and other party members were required to appear, Mr. Lubinda said that he and some party leaders had provided witness statements regarding information regarding Tutwa’s passing.

“We have finished what the police asked and I would like to inform you colleagues that the demise of Tutwa Ngulube is treated as a very suspicious death and the police have decided that they will open an enquiry which will lead to an inquest to establish the truth behind the demise of Tutwa. Police called us to come and assist with whatever information we have relating to the death of Tutwa and so we have corporated and given our witness statements,” he said

“We should not allow suspicious deaths in the country and fold our arms. I am happy with how the police have treated us,” he said

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