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Chipili District Suffers From African Swine Fever

In Luapula province’s Chipili region, the livestock sickness known as African Swine Fever has spread.

The Munkonshi Veterinary Camp is the most affected location, according to Matthew Zulu, the district’s coordinator for livestock and fishing, who confirmed this to ZANIS.

Since then, the movement and trade of pigs and pork products into and out of the Chipili district have been outlawed with immediate effect by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

According to Mr. ZULU, the prohibition is intended to curb the African Swine Flu.

Moreover, the Mukonshi, Kamami, Lupososhi, Mwenda, and Mutipula Camps have been designated as infectious regions and quarantine zones by the Ministry.

He said that the Ministry has furthermore established inspection and disinfection points on all significant entrance and exit points from the Chipili District.

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