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Church commends the government

Ndiwa Mutelo, the permanent secretary of the Office of the Vice President, Parliamentary Business, National Guidance, and Religious Affairs, has pleaded with the church to offer communities social, psychological, and emotional care, particularly in light of the rising moral decay.

In communities, Mr. Mutelo has noticed an increase in cases of alcohol misuse, gender-based violence, divorce, and suicide.

Thus, the Permanent Secretary has urged the church to rise to the occasion by sharing the gospel in order to address the needs of the populace as a whole.
When Mr. Mutelo fellowshipped with Elshadai Prophetic Ministries in Lusaka, according to ZANIS, he was speaking.

Elshadai Prophetic Ministries was the first church to be visited by the Department of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, he claimed, in order to better understand their activities.

Mr. Mutelo declared that his attendance at the church was a resounding demonstration of the government’s will to work with the church to satisfy the needs of the populace.

In an effort to explain the implementation of initiatives, Mr. Mutelo stated that the government will continue to collaborate with the church.

He is pleased that the church has supported several of the government’s measures, such as the free education program and the empowerment initiatives run through the Constituency Development Fund.

He exhorted the congregation to uphold the ideals of morality, ethics, patriotism, and national unity by living exemplary lives.

Gilbert Bwalya, the president of Elshadai Proghetic Ministries, applauded the government for bringing the National Guidance and Religious Affairs department under the Vice President’s office.

Prophet Bwalya also praised the administration for its exemplary leadership during the handling of US Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit.

According to Prophet Bwalya, the government has persisted in showing that Zambia is united in its pursuit of a nation based on Christian principles.
He promised that the church will continue to pray for the nation’s leaders and to offer spiritual direction.

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