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cobalt concentrates and ore weighing more than 300 tonnes Recovered

391 tonnes of cobalt concentrates and ore that police believe were stolen and transported to a warehouse in the Makeni district have been found in Lusaka.

According to police deputy public relations officer Danny Mwale, the consignment was recovered yesterday.

According to Mr. Mwale, the police recently learned from the Copperbelt that a truck carrying 35 tonnes of cobalt ore had vanished in transit.

391 tonnes of cobalt ore and concentrate were reportedly found at a warehouse as a result of the investigations that were launched, according to him, which revealed that the truck was Makeni.

The bags of cobalt ore and concentrate were delivered to the warehouse, according to Mr. Mwale, by two unnamed companies.

“We are in Makeni where the police have recovered bags of cobalt ore and cobalt concentrate believed to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained and they were brought here by two named companies,”said Mr Mwale.The bags of the cobalt  ore and cobalt concentrates were disguised and packed in bags written flammable solids when fact not,”he said.

He said police investigations in the matter have continued saying no arrest has been made so far.

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