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Coming Soon: A Law Regarding Access to Information

By June of this year, the Access to Information Law will be implemented.

According to CHUSHI KASANDA, minister of information and media, the Cabinet approved the Roadmap that would result in the passage of the Access to Information Bill by June.
Before the Access to Information Bill is passed, Ms. Kasanda claims that the government would make sure that sufficient consultations with all interested parties are held.

In a statement to ZNBC in Lusaka, the minister added that Cabinet is well aware that passing the Bill will strengthen the fight against corruption and promote initiatives toward the sensible use of public resources.

The road map’s adoption is one of the seven cabinet resolutions that were passed on Monday.

Additionally, Ms. Kasanda states that the cabinet is determined to ensuring that the situation improves through lowering load management across the board.

The need for the nation to take seriously addressing the issue of renewable energy sources as a priority to resolving the electrical challenges moving forward was also emphasized by Cabinet, according to Ms. KASANDA.

Meanwhile, Ms. KASANDA reports that the cabinet decided that a private sector-led bulk petroleum supply system must be implemented for the nation to have an appropriate supply of fuel.

She claims that the cabinet believes fuel and power are essential for achieving economic growth.

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