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Concern Regarding South African Vehicle Attacks in Mozambique

The repeated attacks on South African automobiles with the national number plate have alarmed the Mozambican authorities.

In the most recent incident, a group of fugitive convicts lit six Mozambican nationals’ vehicles on fire, including a passenger bus carrying about 35 people and headed for the coastal city of Durban.

A 90 km (55 mi) distance separates the attack’s location from the Ponta de Ouro border crossing between the two nations.

Both fatalities and injuries have not been reported. The victims were taken back to the border after being rescued by the South African authorities.

The thieves stole items from the vehicles in addition to setting the vehicles on fire.

The scenario, according to Veronica Macamo, minister of foreign affairs and cooperation for Mozambique, is alarming. She claims that her government is unable to explain the occurrence and has asked South Africa for an answer.



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