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Concerned About Overgrown Grass: Livingstone Motorists

Concern over the overgrown grass along certain important highways in the tourism capital has been voiced by some drivers.

The overgrown grass is posing a threat to road users since it is obstructing drivers’ views, according to one of the worried drivers, ROBERT LYUNDA, who spoke with ZNBC News.

As it is in non-residential areas, Mr. LYUNDA is pleading with the Livingstone City Council to cut the grass, which he claims is their duty.

DENIS SIANYEMBA, a different worried driver, claims that one of the primary reasons for accidents in the city is the overgrown grass.

This, according to Mr. SIANYEMBA, is because drivers, particularly those on T-junctions, hardly notice other cars approaching from the sides.

Meanwhile, the local government has reportedly already begun mowing the overgrown grass, beginning at the cemetery and moving to all of the main roadways, according to Livingstone City Council Public Relations Manager MELVIN MUKELA.

Nonetheless, Mr. MUKELA urged members of the public to alert the council to any areas where the grass has become overgrown so that it can be swiftly slashed.

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