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Contracts For RDA Probing Road Signed By Private Firm

Reports that a contract has been signed for the upkeep of the Kipushi-Solwezi-Katima Mulilo road in North-Western province have been denied by the Road Development Agency, or RDA.

Anthony Mulowa, the RDA’s interim director of corporate affairs and communications, also asserts that no contract has been signed by the organization for the Mansa-Luwingu-Kasama-Mbala-Nakonde route.

According to Mr. MULOWA, a company called Mayzuh Zambia purportedly signed two financing contracts with three Zambian businesses to carry out construction on the two road corridors.

The two contracts are said to have been signed on April 15, 2023, in Lusaka, he added.

According to Mr. MULOWA, the RDA has subsequently launched investigations to identify the individuals or businesses responsible for the alleged signature of the road contracts.

The RDA is the only entity authorized by the Public Roads Act to manage, maintain, and build public roads in Zambia, he has stated.

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