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DMMU Purchases Banana Boats

Five banana boats have been purchased by the Disaster Management & Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to help with transportation issues in flood-prone areas of the Luena constituency in Western province.

The boats were purchased for approximately 100,000 Kwacha.

A member of parliament from Luena presented the boats to the neighborhood.

LUTANGU LUTANGU, the district commissioner for Limulunga, has encouraged the locals to protect the watercraft.

Chief NTAMBU of the North-Western province of Mwinilunga has pleaded with the government for emergency food.

According to the traditional head, too much water harmed the majority of the cassava crop his people cultivated.

When a delegation from the Disaster Management & Mitigation Unit (DMMU) arrived at Chief NTAMBU’s palace, he was speaking.

The team from the DMMU is currently in the area, according to PAUL MUYONGO, the provincial coordinator for the organization.

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