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Coordinated Government Communication Is Needed, Says KASANDA

The lack of a planned, pro-active, and predictable communication infrastructure, according to Information and Media Minister CHUSHI KASANDA, makes it difficult for the government to determine the topics for public discussion.

The Chief Government Spokesperson, Ms. Kasanda, claims that this has left a space for organizations and people to assume control over setting the agenda for public discourse.

She claims that effective communication plans must be developed by the Ministry of Information and Media, expenditure agencies, and line Ministries.

At the retreat on government communication that is now taking place at Lake Safari Lodge in the Siavonga District, Ms. KASANDA was speaking today.

Government communication must be organized and consistent, according to earlier remarks by Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet OLIVER KALABO.

This, according to Dr. KALABO, is essential to achieving the goals set forth by the government in the UPND manifesto and the Eighth National Development Plan.

The retreat’s purpose, according to KENNEDY KALUNGA, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Media, is to enhance and guarantee a coordinated government communication system.

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