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Cop22 Financial Pledges To Benefit Zambia

COLLINS NZOVU, Zambia’s minister of the environment and the green economy, says he anticipates financial gains for his country as a result of the commitments made at the just concluded United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt.

According to Mr. NZOVU, COP27 created a financial framework that will expand funding for the battle against climate change.

Mr. NZOVU said Zambia will be able to access money through bilateral institutions while announcing the conclusions of the Climate Change Conference at a news conference in Lusaka.

The creation of a financial mechanism facility for loss and damage, according to NACHILALA NKOMBO, the country coordinator for the World Wide Fund for Nature, was one of the positive outcomes of COP27.

MAXWELL NKOYA, the acting director general of the Zambia Environmental Management Agency, announced that the organization has launched a climate change information portal.

According to Mr. NKOYA, the portal would be available on the online and inform the public about actions being taken to combat climate change.

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