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Councils In Mazabuka And Kazungula May Be Sanctioned Over Procurement

The Mazabuka and Kazungula Town Councils’ procurement officers should be penalized for failing to limit bids to residents when purchasing items, according to the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA).

The procurement committee at the Mazabuka District Council allegedly violated the Public Procurement Act by choosing local vendors over citizens when awarding a contract for the supply of earth moving equipment under the 2022 Constituency Development Funds, according to ZPPA Director General IDAH CHELLA.

Mrs. CHELLA disclosed that the improper criteria were utilized by the procurement committee in Kazungula to award the contract during a news conference in Lusaka.

Additionally, Mrs. CHELLA said that ZPPA had suspended two businesses for failing to uphold their contractual responsibilities.]

Investigations, according to her, have shown that Agriserve Agro and Hazel Daniels Limited underperformed in the provision and delivery of fodder seed for the planting season of 2021–2022, she claimed.

The two businesses have been barred for a year from submitting bids for any government contracts.

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