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Couple discovered dead in Kasupe neighborhood of Lusaka

Couple discovered dead in the Kasupe neighborhood of Lusaka close to their home.

In the Kasupe neighborhood of Lusaka, a COUPLE of residents were killed, and their bodies were thrown 30 meters from where they lived.

Bwalya Chileshe, 56, of Kasupe, Lusaka, and her husband, Benard Chomba, 60, were found dead approximately 30 meters from their home, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

According to early investigations, the informer, who resides in Avondale, reported the incident to the police after receiving a message from a friend that her sister and husband had not been seen for three days and that their mobile phones had been ringing and going dead.

“The two bodies were later discovered near their house in a decomposed state. The scene of crime has been barricaded since the bodies are in a decomposed state.

It is alleged that the couple used to live alone at their house,” he said.

According to Mr. Mwale, the pathologist has already been notified, enabling the postmortem to be performed on the scene of the crime.

He claimed that investigations had been started because police believe there has been foul play.

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