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CPDC Advises Residents

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) is saddened that politicians continue to cultivate the seeds of unrest among the populace in order to advance their political careers in Zambia.

Politicians that prioritize their own interests over the needs of the populace, according to CPD Executive Director CAROLINE KATOTOBWE, become a hindrance to the advancement of the nation.

Zambians are urged by Ms. KATOTOBWE to be cautious of these politicians and to critically evaluate the origins and motivations of some of their statements and assertions, particularly those made by individuals running for public office.


She said in a statement to ZNBC news that it’s critical for any political system and democracy to have opposing viewpoints, but she emphasized that these viewpoints must be for the good of the Zambian people.

The contemporary political climate, according to Ms. KATOTOBWE, is devoid of constructive criticism since most political actors are desperate to be taken seriously and would stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

She asserted that such politicians are opponents of advancement and that Zambians should not put up with them if all they want to do is take over the White House.

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