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Cracks Appear in the Recently Built Mulobezi District Hospital

Only three years after it was formally opened, Mulobezi District Hospital’s walls have begun to crack, disappointing Mulobezi Member of Parliament RAPHAEL MABENGA.

The absence of an ambulance and staff housing at the district hospital, which was inaugurated in 2019, further disappoints Mr. MABENGA.

According to him, the shortage of staff housing forces nurses and other hospital employees to take a life-threatening risk by walking almost 14 kilometers through an area where there is animal-human conflict.

Since then, Mr. MABENGA has urged the government to speed up phase two’s construction so that the hospital will have more support facilities, including the mortuary, theater, and wards, among others.

However, he pledged to use the Constituency Development Fund CDF to construct a mothers’ shelter at the site.

Despite the many difficulties experienced, Mulobezi District Hospital activities are proceeding smoothly, according to EQUATOR SIABASONDA, the hospital’s nursing officer.

PURITY MULUKA, one of the nurses, has thanked the government for hiring her as one of the more than 11,000 health professionals hired last year.

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