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Respecting citizens and offering advice to UPND members

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has urged its members to maintain and respect Zambians’ basic rights.

AND The party has denounced recent occurrences when some alleged UPND members harassed citizens on the Copperbelt and in the Northwestern provinces.

The alleged members of the UPND attacked various radio stations on the Copperbelt to silence an opposition leader by name, according to UPND Secretary General BATUKE IMENDA.

Additionally, Mr. IMENDA claims that UPND regrets the actions of its alleged members, who shut the District Administrative Officer’s office in Northwestern Province.

According to him, such behaviors amount to both indiscipline and a violation of citizens’ basic liberties and rights.

According to Mr. IMENDA, the UPND ran a campaign in 2021 against the violation of human rights as a reminder to its members not to intimidate the public.

Furthermore, he claims that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has repeatedly pledged that his administration will ensure that citizens can exercise their rights without interference.

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