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Criminal Defamation: Removal Of Provision Justified by Haimbe

The Criminal Defamation of the President provision in the Penal Code, according to Justice Minister Malambo Haimbe, has to be changed immediately because it has been abused by some overzealous law enforcement officials.

According to Mr. HAIMBE, the clause has historically been utilized to victimize some individuals.

When the Minister appeared on ZNBC’s “Update” Program today, he was speaking.

And Mr. HAIMBE added that while data has demonstrated that retribution does not discourage crime, abolishing the death sentence does not imply that the government is not sensitive to victims.

The Minister stated that it is now the government’s responsibility to assist the victims in finding closure and improve the capacities of law enforcement authorities.

The Human Rights Commission’s spokesperson, MWELWA MULEYA, said on the same broadcast that the death penalty is cruel, brutal, and a waste of precious life.

He added that the majority of people support the government’s efforts to improve the legal system.

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