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Damaged Mutanda-chavuma Road In Kabompo

Heavy rains that forced drivers to utilize one lane on the Mutanda-Chavuma road in Northern Western Province caused damage to a stretch of the road.

Some culverts on one lane of the road have been washed away in the Kabompo district near the Kabompo river.

To prevent the entire road from being entirely eroded, the government has sent a team of engineers from the Road Development Agency (RDA) and Zambia National Service (ZNS) to immediately erect a temporary remedy.

Additionally, the damaged area would receive interim repairs for the time being, according to RDA Acting Director and Chief Executive Officer GRACE MUTEMBO.

The restricted section of the road will reopen to traffic in a week, says Ms. MUTEMBO, and a long-term fix will be implemented in a month.

She was giving an interview after examining the repairs made to the road’s damaged section.

Meanwhile, JEFF MUKANDA, the ZNS Chief of Land Development Branch, gave orders to officers collaborating with RDA engineers to see that the work is finished within a week.

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