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Government Commits to Improving Infrastructure and Services in Kitwe

In an effort to address critical infrastructure and service needs in Kitwe, the UPND government has undertaken significant initiatives aimed at enhancing water supply, sanitation, and education in the region.

Yesterday afternoon, amidst a warm reception from Copperbelt University (CBU) students in Kitwe, President Hichilema presided over the commissioning of 30 boreholes to be drilled across the district. Addressing the students, President Hichilema assured them that their water challenges would soon be alleviated, with one borehole already drilled within the CBU campus as part of the initiative.

“Focus on your studies,” President Hichilema urged the students, “because water challenges will soon be a thing of the past.”

Prior to the CBU engagement, President Hichilema participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Bulangililo Water Treatment Plant Expansion, signaling a commitment to improving water supply throughout Kitwe.

A notable milestone in the day’s events was the commissioning of over 1000 flushable toilets in Kitwe’s Kwacha Constituency, marking a significant advancement in sanitation for the area.

“Our people deserve better,” President Hichilema affirmed, emphasizing the government’s dedication to providing clean water and improved sanitation to communities across Zambia.

The day’s activities concluded with a visit to Kitwe’s Ndeke area, where President Hichilema interacted with local residents, expressing gratitude for their support and highlighting the government’s accomplishments since taking office in 2021.

President Hichilema reassured Zambians of the government’s commitment to delivering on its promises, including free education, job creation, and the revitalization of the country’s mining sector.

“Your 2021 vote is what will make us continue creating more business opportunities and jobs,” President Hichilema emphasized, promising to uphold the trust placed in the government by the Zambian people.

Source: BBC

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