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DEBS: All Kitwe Schools Are Open

The COVID -19 scenario has nothing to do with the fact that schools in Kitwe haven’t started, according to Kitwe District Education Board Secretary CHRISTOPHER NYUNGILA.

Speaking at a media stakeholders conference today in Kitwe, Mr. NYUNGILA said that yesterday marked the start of the school year and that a large number of students were enrolled.

He has reassured parents that they need not worry because students are secure at all schools.

Additionally, according to Kitwe District Health Director GEORGE MUKUPA, the district has not documented any COVID-19-related deaths.

Dr. MUKUPA continues by saying that while the issue is under control, no one has been admitted to the Kitwe Teaching Hospital’s COVID-19 isolation unit.

He claims that testing and immunization have continued and he has urged the general population to keep up observance of the five Golden standards.

Kitwe District Commissioner LAWRENCE MWANZA stated that the media must play a key role in educating the public about the pandemic.

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