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Zambia and Angola sign a trade pact

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for trade and investment between Zambia and Angola has been signed.

The Angola Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry have signed the agreements.

Additionally, Zambia and Angola should make use of their long shared border to boost trade, according to CHIPOKA MULENGA, the minister of commerce.

Mr. Mulenga observes that despite having the ability to utilize one another’s industrial capacities, the two nations continue to import goods from as far away as Europe and China.

Mr. MULENGA made this statement at the Zambia-Angola Business Forum, a prelude to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s state visit, according to ZNBC’s MERCY NGOMA in Luanda, Angola.

The minister of commerce for Angola, Victor Fernandes, stated that in order to achieve the desired results, Zambia and his nation must work in concert while taking advantage of infrastructure development to facilitate investment.

Infrastructure Minister Charles Milopi made a point of mentioning the necessity for infrastructure development between the two nations in his remarks at the same event.

According to Mr. MILUPI, the commercial potential are inaccessible without adequate transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, Angolan Airlines’ flights into Zambia may return thanks to investment commitments, according to Transport Minister Frank Tayali.

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