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Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa is referred to by ECL as a principled critic

Sishuwa Sishuwa, a former lecturer and political analyst for the University of Zambia (UNZA), and Edgar Lungu, a former Republican president, have finally met in person today despite their historical animosities.

Yet, the conference was a component of Dr. Sishuwa’s investigation of the 2021 election and transition of power.

The academician said in a tweet posted by Dr. Sishuwa that he had met the former president while conducting study on the previous general elections.

“The search for historical truth sometimes takes us to the most unlikely of sources. I had an insightful discussion with former President of Zambia Edgar Lungu as part of my research into the 2021 election and transfer of power,” he wrote.

Also, Dr. Lungu claimed he had trouble understanding Dr. Sishuwa’s motivation for his publications when he was in office.

He asserted that Dr. Sishuwa is a principled critic, nonetheless, based on their conversations.

“It was a pleasure meeting you in person for the first time.I enjoyed our enlightening and thought-provoking conversation.In retrospect, we should have met much earlier, maybe I could not have taken you as a hired gun.Otherwise, I read your writings although I had difficulties appreciating the motive for the reason I referred to.

My interactions with you however, revealed you as a principled critic.There are many lessons, and we will continue to learn and perfect,” he said.

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