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Man stabs Wife After finding Strange numbers in her phone

An arrest has been made for a 27-year-old Mufulira man who stabbed his wife with a knife after discovering some odd numbers in her phone.

Miltson Gondwe is thought to have stabbed Sandra Mutale, 22, in the stomach after inviting her home to his in an effort to patch things up after their six-month separation.

The attempt at reconciliation failed when he chose to check her phone and noticed some odd numbers, leading him to believe she was cheating.

He then walked into the kitchen and took a knife, stabbing her in the stomach with it.

According to Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, the incident happened on Thursday night at 21:00 in Mufulira’s Kantanshi settlement.

The suspect, according to him, has since been accused with unlawful wounding.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the two were once legally married with one child and decided to go on separation for six months now due to some marital problems.The victim went baulorack to the parents house. On Thursday, April 6th, this year about 17:00 hours, the suspect called the wife and asked her to come to his house so that the two could discuss their marriage,” he said .

He claimed that when she got home, her spouse asked her to come inside before grabbing her phone and starting to look through it.

Mr. Mweemba claimed that the husband became suspicious that his wife was cheating on him after noticing some odd numbers.

“That is how he became annoyed, got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the victim in the stomach causing her to sustain a deep cut. Upon seeing that he had injured the wife he started running away. The victim shouted for help, and some alert members of the public managed to apprehend him and later took him to kantashi police station, where he had been detained,” he said.

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