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Due to poor roads, Mushindamo District at risk of isolation

Due to the deplorable condition of the Solwezi-Kipushi road, the Kipushi Border in Mushindamo District is in danger of becoming cut off from the rest of the district.

Additionally, Chieftainess CHIKOLA of the Mushindamo District has urged the government to hire a contractor right now to fix the problematic areas of the road.

The traditional chief claims that if the route is left as it is, transporters won’t be able to access the Kipushi Border, costing the government money.

The traditional chief claimed that because of the poor condition of the roads, farmers find it difficult to transport farming inputs in an interview with ZNBC News in Solwezi.

She has urged the administration to treat the condition of the roads as an urgent concern because it also threatens national security.

In the meantime, the government is in the process of forming a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the development of the Kipushi road, according to North Western Province Minister ROBERT LIHEFU.

Government officials are completing the PPP, according to Mr. LIHEFU, and the contractor will soon be made public.

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