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The government raises money to fight army worms

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Army worms are on the rise across the nation.

Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture has since requested funding from the Treasury in a letter in order to buy chemicals to combat the outbreak.

Green Mbozi, the permanent secretary for agriculture, claims that the ministry has also developed a plan for purchasing herbicides to control the spread.

In an interview with ZNBC news, Mr. MBOZI stated that after the cabinet releases cash and the purchase is complete, the chemicals will be given to the farmers.

He claimed that the Copperbelt and North-Western Provinces are two of the regions that are badly hit.

In the Kafue district’s Chiawa area, Fall Army Worms have infested maize fields, according to yesterday’s NAIS data.

According to COSMAS CHOLA, the senior agriculture officer for the Kafue District, roughly 120 hectares of maize in the Kanyangala region have been impacted.

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