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Civil servants’ 10.5% pay increase is approved.

A 10.5% compensation increase for public service employees has been approved by the Emoluments Commission for this year.

This comes after the submission of the collective agreements following the conclusion of salary talks between the government and the public service unions for the year 2023.

The wage increase that the government and the unions agreed on during negotiations was granted by the commission during its meeting on December 29, 2022, according to Emoluments Commission Chairperson GEORGE KAWATU.

Speaking to the media in Lusaka, Mr. KAWATU said the commission had also approved the Judicial and Allied Workers Union of Zambia’s request for a pay increase and the submission of its collective bargaining agreement.

The Emoluments Commission has cautioned that some federal officials run the possibility of being demoted or fired for failing to meet expectations.

The committee wants to make sure that salaries are given in accordance with employees’ performance, according to vice chair of the commission MWAMBA CHANDA.

The Emoluments Commission wants to see a well-organized and effective public service, according to Acting Director General MWAMBA PENI.

According to Mr. PENI, a successful civil service would also support a thriving private sector.

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