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Eastern Province Police Say they did not Arrest for EFF Leader Mwenda

Zambia Police have clarified that they did not arrest Economic Freedom Fighters leader Kasonde Mwenda but only summoned and cautioned him for breaching the Public Order Act. Eastern Province Commanding Officer, Limpo Liywalii, explained that Mr. Mwenda was expected to hold a briefing at Chatowa Lodge but had to change the venue to near the Local Court after being denied permission at the Lodge. Liywalii added, “Mr. Mwenda informed the police about the briefing at short notice.

In response, Mr. Mwenda stated that he had informed the police about the briefing but did not receive a response. This incident has sparked further debate on the political climate in Zambia. Meanwhile, Citizens First president Harry Kalaba criticized the UPND government, predicting its loss of power due to ignoring the voices of relevant stakeholders, including church mother bodies, the Law Association of Zambia, and OCiDA, among others. Kalaba strongly condemned the actions of Inspector General of Police Graphael Musamba, accusing him of causing anarchy in the country with statements restricting opposition parties from holding rallies.

During a live radio appearance, Kalaba expressed his concerns, saying, “Mr. Graphael Musamba will end up in very big trouble. His job as IG is just to maintain peace and tranquility in our country. What he is proposing, he is proposing anarchy in our country.” Kalaba argued that there is no law allowing Musamba to permit or deny political party rallies, emphasizing that Musamba’s role is to maintain peace and order.

Kalaba also spoke about the UPND’s alleged failure to listen to important civil society voices. “UPND is losing power because it cannot listen to OCiDA, the Catholic Bishops, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, the Council of Churches in Zambia…they are going out because of this same thing of thinking they have achieved somuch,” he stated.

Furthermore, Kalaba expressed concerns about President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership, citing issues like hunger in the country and the delay in fertilizer distribution to farmers. He criticized the president’s approach and emphasized the need for leaders to take responsibility. “The President doesn’t seem to know what he is doing,” Kalaba said, highlighting the importance of sincerity and accountability in leadership for Zambia’s progress.

Source: Lusakatimes

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