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Former President EDGAR LUNGU has been urged by New Generation Party -EGP- President HUMPHREY SIULAPWA to assume his role as a Statesman and resisted the urge to return to active politics.

Mr. SIULAPWA asserts that Mr. LUNGU, as the sole surviving former head of state, must offer advice to the nation on a variety of issues that can only come from his prior experience as president.

He advises the former president to disregard advice from those urging him to return to active politics.

In addition, Mr. SIULAPWA suggests that Mr. LUNGU approach President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and offer his services as a consultant on a variety of national issues.

He asserts that President HICHILEMA needs assistance and shouldn’t be targeted in any case because political campaigning will begin in 2026.

The leader of the New Generation Party claims to have addressed a letter to Mr. LUNGU pleading with him to assume his duty as the nation’s father.

At today’s press conference in Lusaka, Mr. SIULAPWA made this statement.

But Mr. SIULAPWA is not the ideal person to advise former President LUNGU on anything, according to Patriotic Front -PF- Chairperson for Information and Publicity RAPHAEL NAKACINDA.

Mr. NAKACINDA advised Mr. SIULAPWA to concentrate on telling Zambians where he has been after being absent from the political arena for a prolonged period of time in a phone interview with ZNBC News.

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