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Unhappy With Some FQM Contractors: Labour Commissioner

Some contractors at First Quantum Minerals – FQM Trident Limited in Kalumbila District, according to labour commissioner GIVENS MUNTENGWA, are not abiding by labor rules.

According to Mr. MUNTENGWA, the mine employs contractors who do not send the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) the employee contributions.

He claims that numerous contractors at the mine employ a sizable workforce and that the failure to remit NAPSA contributions has a severe impact on the nation’s social protection.

Speaking at a meeting between management at the Mine and Labour and Social Security Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA, Mr. MUNTENGWA said that contractors have also failed to register their staff members under the National Health Insurance Scheme, or NHIMA.

Additionally, Ms. TAMBATAMBA stated that the government seeks to safeguard workers by ensuring that firms follow local labor regulations.

While this is going on, Trident Limited General Manager JUNIOR KEYSER stated that the mine is aware that some of its contractors are not abiding by labor rules.

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