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Chief MUMENA Wants Amendments to the Employment Act

In order to solve issues that prevent locals from obtaining work in the private sector, Chief MUMENA of the Kaonde people of Kalumbila District in North Western Province has urged the government to swiftly modify the employment statute.

According to Chief MUMENA, traditional leaders sacrificed their land so that their people may profit from development initiatives like mining.

He has urged the Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management to keep a careful eye on how its members are managing employment-related issues in order to ensure fairness.

At his palace in the Kalumbila District, Chief MUMENA was speaking when Labour & Social Security Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA paid him a courtesy visit.

The New Dawn Administration has received plaudits from Chief MUMENA for keeping its vow to decentralize power to the people.

The fact that local residents can now choose the projects they desire, as opposed to the past when projects were mandated, is, according to the Chief, a dream come true.

He claimed that in order to fulfill President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s development plan, Traditional Leaders in the North Western Province are dedicated to cooperating with him.

The resolve of President HICHILEMA to collaborate closely with traditional leaders in promoting development and combating corruption was also reaffirmed by Ms. TAMBATAMBA.

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