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Eiz And ZNBC Partner

The second Report Card on the country’s infrastructure will be made public by the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ).

Reports on the nation’s infrastructure, according to EIZ President ABEL NG’ANDU, are essential to serve as a standard for future infrastructure development.

He made this statement today in LUSAKA during the MOU signing ceremony between the EIZ and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

The MoU will center on business relationships between the two organizations, with ZNBC showcasing a number of EIZ’s public services.

And according to Mr. NG’ANDU, the EIZ is now developing a minimum Charge Out Rate that will serve as the cutoff point for the payment of engineering services.

And EIZ Registrar and CEO DAVID KAMUNGU noted that the second study from the organization on the nation’s infrastructure follows in the wake of the previous report that was published eight years ago.

The MOU between the two institutions will raise public knowledge of the EIZ, according to Mr. KAMUNGU, who is optimistic about this.

Additionally, the national broadcaster is a strategic institution to publicly expose the services of EIZ, according to acting ZNBC Director General BRIGHT NKANKA.

According to Mr. NKANKA, ZNBC already airs a number of programs about the nation’s engineering advancements.

He expressed confidence that ZNBC would be up to the challenge of establishing corporate working relationships with EIZ.

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