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Elusive Kapiri-Mposhi man wanted for defiling 12-year-old girl

A 12-year-old girl was s-assaulted by a guy who followed her home after being sent back by school officials for not wearing a necktie.

The victim had forgotten her neck tie, so the school sent her home to get it. Unfortunately for her, the suspect pounced on her, dragged her into the bush, and violated her.

The victim was only saved when a bystander stopped the suspect in his heinous deed.

Since then, police have started looking for the suspect.

Police commissioner for the Central Province, David Chileshe, verified the event and stated it happened in the Kapiri Glass manufacturing region.

The incident happened after the said girl was sent back from school to go and get a necktie which she had forgotten back at her home. Unfortunately while on her way the suspect followed her and dragged her into the nearby bush where he undressed her and started having unprotected carnal knowledge of her. He only stopped when an unknown man who was passing by disturbed him. After a seeing that his cover had been blown, he stopped the act and fled the scene,” he said.

Mr Chileshe said the Good samaritan then escorted the victim back to her home where the parents reported the incident to the police.

“Investigations into the matter and a manhunt for the suspect have been launched,” he said.

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