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Masebo: cholera reaches third district of Eastern Province

A 57-year-old man from the Eastern Province’s Vubwi region passed away from dehydration while traveling to a cholera treatment facility.

As a result, there have been two occurrences of cholera-related deaths in the district, with the first one occurring two weeks ago.

A third district, Chipata, has confirmed its first cases of cholera, according to health minister Sylvia Masebo.

The districts of Vubwi and Mwansabombwe have also had confirmed cases of cholera to date.

Since then, Ms. Masebo has advocated for improved individual hygiene and hygienic practices when handling food.

The cholera outbreak has escalated with the third district, Chipata confirming a cholera outbreak. We have four confirmed cases and eight people presenting wwith acute watery diarrhoea aged between seven and 65-years old. Like Vubwi district, Chipata is experiencing Cholera for the very first time. Vubwi on the latest has recorded nine new cases. In the last 24 hours, we have recorded a death of a 57-year-old man who died while on his way to the treatment centre due to dehydration,” she said.

Ms. Masebo urged residents to practice good personal hygiene since it was the only way to stop the cholera virus from spreading to neighboring districts.

“Issues of water, sanitation and personal hygiene are very important. Each individual should take personal responsibility. People should wash their hands before they eat, drink clean boiled water or add chlorine, wash fruits and ensure to warm cold food before eating. So far up 22,921 people have been vaccinated in Vubwi district,” she said.

In order to assist prevent deaths as they traveled to receive care from the cholera facilities, she also recommended individuals to make sure they took oral rehydrated salts when they experienced watery stools.

According to Ms. Masebo, the cholera situation is currently under control, and the impending Nc’wala ceremony in the Chipata district will go forward as scheduled unless there is cause for alarm.

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