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Employment Is On The Horizon For Skilled CDF Recipients

After finishing their program, recipients of skills development programs funded by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) are guaranteed employment by the government.

Students receiving training using CDF funding will be given priority for employment, according to NICHOLAS PHIRI, Permanent Secretary for Technical Services at the Ministry of Local Government, by being placed in various companies that will be identified as having openings.

According to Mr. PHIRI, this will assist the neighborhood’s businesses and talents in a sufficient way.

The government, according to Mr. PHIRI, would classify all CDF contracts the next year and reserve them for local contractors affiliated with the constituency where the beneficiaries are based.

According to him, the government is dedicated to providing citizens with high-quality services through CDF and various empowerment initiatives.

Furthermore, Mr. PHIRI informed ZNBC News that due of the mechanisms in place, the CDF implementation is probably going to get better the following year.

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