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Robbers kill a guard and steal an Itel phone and a K150.

In the Chipata region, armed thieves killed a 36-year-old security guard and fled with his Itel phone and 150 Kwacha in cash.

According to Eastern Province Deputy Police Commanding Officer LUCKY MUNKHONDYA, PENIAS BANDA, who was killed yesterday at ILYAS PATEL’s home on Mtilizi Road, was a victim of a homicide.

According to Ms. MUNKHONDYA, Mr. PATEL, the owner of Highways Bakery, reported to police that two of his security officers, PENIAS BANDA and FRANCIS NJOBVU of All Stars Security, had been attacked by five unidentified individuals.

She claims that the deceased’s wrists and legs were tied with polythene ropes and that the body was discovered laying in a storage area.

The dead, according to Ms. MUNKHONDYA, had no visible physical injuries, and investigators believe that he was strangled.

She claims that as the second guard was being dragged by the attackers and crying for help, the thieves escaped.

The robbers did not take anything from Mr. PATEL, according to Ms. MUNKHONDYA, but they did leave a machete at the scene of the crime.

She informed ZNBC News that the deceased’s remains had been placed in the mortuary of the Chipata Central hospital pending postmortem.

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