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Completion Of Sesheke Trade Construction

Sesheke Trades, located in the Sesheke district’s Katima Mulilo, has reached its completion.

During a visit to the site, Sesheke Member of Parliament ROMEO KANG’OMBE informed ZNBC News that the only thing left to do is to install the machinery and equipment.

However, Mr. KANG’OMBE claims that the necessary apparatus and equipment are already on the property.

He adds that student beds and office furnishings have already been delivered to the school and are ready for use when it opens.

Therefore, Mr. KANG’OMBE is pleading with the government to hasten the installation of the machinery and equipment so that the trade school can start.

He claims that Sesheke Trades’ operationalization is essential because it would aid youngsters in learning new skills, particularly since that the Constituency Development Fund – CDF includes a section on skills development.

The young in Sesheke will be able to bid on CDF projects after they are equipped with the necessary skills, according to Mr. KANG’OMBE, which will enhance their ability to support themselves.

The Sesheke Trades School’s initial construction cost was 21 million Kwacha, and work on it began in August 2015.

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