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Kobold Copper Searching In Chililabombwe

The Copperbelt’s Kobold Metals limited, a new mine doing explorations there, predicts finding roughly 4.6 percent copper.

The mine, which has already dug around 890 meters, states that it anticipates finding that much copper ore 1,520 meters below ground.

By the middle of the next year, six further drilling sites will be established throughout the mine, according to exploration geologist PAMELA MKUMBA.

Over 150 million US dollars have been invested in the explorations, according to Ms. MKUMBA.

The arrival of Kobold metals in Chililabombwe, according to mines minister PAUL KABUSWE, is a game-changer for not just the residents of the area but also the entire Copperbelt region.

According to Mr. KABUSWE, the new dawn administration would keep luring investment so that Zambians can have jobs and generate cash for the nation’s coffers.

When he went to see Kobold Metals at its drilling site in Chililabombwe, he was speaking.

According to Mr. KABUSWE, President Hakainde HICHILEMA has pledged to open up the mining industry, and the arrival of Kobold Metals is one of the President’s measures toward doing so.

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