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Ex-girlfriend sues fashion designer Sakala for threatening to reveal nudes

AROUND SIX MONTHS AGO, Glasgow Rangers striker Fashion Sakala began threatening to reveal his ex-girlfriend using nudes he had recorded during their virtual, passionate shower talks.

Linnety Kaoma has filed a complaint with the High Court alleging that the football player, who is currently dating her younger sister, disrespected her right to privacy by taking a nude photo of her appearance.

According to court records, Mr. Sakala released a photo after taking it by giving it to his ex’s younger sister, who is in her care. But after recognizing his error, he erased it a short while later.

Mr. Kaoma is now asking the Lusaka High Court to issue an order banning Mr. Sakala or his agents from violating her right to privacy by publishing or disseminating any content that could be considered offensive and bears the plaintiff’s likeness.

Since then, she has asked for permission from the Lusaka High Court to start legal action against Mr. Sakala, who is not a party to the case, and serve him with the summons given that he is employed abroad.

Ms. Kaoma claimed in her skeleton arguments that she had an intimate connection with Mr. Sakala for four years, but that it ended acrimoniously in May 2022 when he began an affair with one of her younger sisters.

The plaintiff claimed that Mr. Sakala repeatedly threatened to use damaging information against her toward the end of their relationship as a means of harassing her.

He allegedly threatened to “spill the beans” at any time, according to her.

” Sakala via email confirmed , and confessed that he had hacked into her phone through his agents to which she was weary of her safety.

“During the course of the relationship with the defendant and the plaintiff would often engage via WhatsApp video calling , and would very oftenly do so whilst taking showers, or whilst engaging in some virtual intimacy of some sort,” Kaoma stated

“On one occasion, whilst the parties were engaging in their usual virtual intimacy, via the video call, the defendant did, without the knowledge or consent of the plaintiff take a screenshot of the video call, capturing the likeness of the plaintiff in an image that would be considered not only obscene, but also offensive to a reasonable third party viewing the Photo.”

She asserts that she has a solid legal basis for suing Mr. Sakala, a Zambian who is currently making a living as a professional football player in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

“The latter’s invasion of her privacy, solitude, and isolation is the basis of the cause of action.”

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