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“Facebook Rapist” Flees; Two Face Murder Charges

After allegations that they assisted infamously convicted murderer and rapist Thabo Bester escape from a South African jail, two men have been charged with murder and arson.

A suspended jail warden and Bester’s girlfriend’s father showed up in court to answer for their actions, but they were not given the opportunity to enter a plea.

Their case has been tabled until Monday so that a potential bail application can be made. They are currently being held by the police.

The two men are charged with the intentional killing of an unnamed person in March of last year, according to court filings.

On Friday, Bester and his girlfriend Dr. Nandipha Magudumana were taken into custody in Tanzania.

Bester faked his own death by putting a corpse in his cell and then fled from prison in May of last year.

After news of the jailbreak last month spread, the pair left the country.

According to South African officials in Tanzania, the fugitives are currently in Arusha Central Prison and are being closely watched by police.

In order to ensure the couple’s deportation and transportation to South Africa, where they will be charged in connection with the daring escape, the officials are in the city.

Bester, dubbed the “Facebook rapist” because he lured his victims onto the social networking site, was previously thought to have perished in a suspicious fire in his cell last May.

He was found guilty in 2012 of raping and killing Nomfundo Tyhulu, a model who was then his girlfriend. He had been convicted of raping and robbing two other women a year earlier.

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