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Feed And Chickens From Malawi Being Smuggled Into Zambia

Concerns have been raised by the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) regarding allegations of hens and feed being smuggled into Zambia from Malawi.

The smuggling, according to PAZ Executive Manager DOMINIC CHANDA, is caused by the Zambian Kwacha’s appreciation against the Malawian Kwacha, which he claims makes chickens and feed from that nation less expensive.

According to him, the situation is having an impact on Chipata’s poultry farmers since cheaper poultry goods from Malawi are now posing a danger to their livelihoods.


Mr. CHANDA went on to say that Zambian cattle diseases are also at risk due to the current circumstances.

Chief epidemiologist for the Ministry of Livestock’s Department of Veterinary Services, CAESAR LUBABA, claimed that the practice is a significant contributor to livestock diseases in Zambia.

Dr. LUBABA has advised parties involved to import livestock according to the correct procedures.

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