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Finance Ministry On PPP “road Show”

Provincial sensitization events are now being held by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to inform people about the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model of development.

In Chipata, CHILEMWA KAHANJI, the principal project appraiser for the PPP Department, said that a team from the ministries of finance and national planning will conduct a two-day workshop.

When a team from the ministry paid BEAUTY PHIRI, the Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Eastern Province, a courtesy visit, she remarked this.

Furthermore, Ms. PHIRI claimed that little had been done to inform the populace of the benefits of PPP in advancing national development.

She instructed the team to make sure that the government officials attending the two-day meeting received complete knowledge on the PPP model so they could communicate its goals and significance to the general people in local tongues.

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