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Members Of The Emoluments Commission Sworn In By Malila

The Emoluments Commission has been instructed by Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA to reconcile differences in the pay of employees in public organizations.

According to Dr. MALILA, the panel needs to develop strategies for improving the current situation.

He has also given the Emoluments Commission members the job of working hard to fulfill Zambians’ aspirations.

Today in LUSAKA, Justice MALILA swore in five members of the Emoluments Commission, and he said this while doing so.

The members who took the oath include MWAMBA CHANDA, the Family Division Chief Judge of the LUSAKA High Court, MARGARET MIYOBA, the Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary, and MWENYA BWALYA, the Justice Ministry representative.

DANIES CHISENDA, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and National Planning with responsibility for Economic Management and Finance, and ROY NGULUBE, the Acting Clerk of the National Assembly, are the other members who took the oath of office.

In the meantime, Justice CHANDA called for legal reforms as one way to standardize salaries across employees of state organizations in an interview with ZNBC News.

In a separate interview, Ms. BWALYA stated that in order to achieve the commission’s goals, efforts to unify salaries across employees of state institutions must be put into practice.

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