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Five-year-old girl molested by cousin, according to cops

A five-year-old girl from Samfya district claims that her 17-year-old cousin, who visited the victim’s family, defiled the child.

The victim’s eight-year-old brother walked in on the two of them in the middle of their crime and caught the teenager red-handed.

Gloria Mulele, the commanding officer of Luapula Province, reported that the suspect visited the victim’s family and informed his aunt upon arrival that he was ill.

Ms. Mulele claimed that after being instructed to go home and rest, the victim followed him after a little while and allegedly took advantage of her.

She claimed that the event occurred at around 2:00 am when the victim’s mother was outside cooking.

“The suspect told  his aunt that he was not feeling well and he was told to go  inside the house and have some rest. When he went inside,the victim followed him. After a while the victim’s brother also went inside and found the suspect on top of the victim having carnal knowledge of her and upon seeing him he walked out of the house.The suspect is in custody and will appear in court soon,”said Ms Mulele.

Ms. Mulele reported that the suspect announced his intention to return to his home shortly after dinner, claiming that his uncle would not permit him to stay over.

According to her, the victim’s older brother later revealed to his mother that he had caught the suspect defiling his sister in the act.

According to Ms. Mulele, the victim would not tell the mother what had happened until she made a threat to beat her.

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