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Flooding Hit Kamwala South Health Post

Since the medical building was flooded two weeks ago, the Kamwala South Health Post in Lusaka is currently run by health workers from a local drugstore and barbershop.

Currently, the entire Kamwala South Health Post is under water.

In an effort to reopen the health facility, the government has sent engineers from the Zambia National Service to drain the water from it.

When a nearby shopping center was checked, health professionals from Kamwala South Health Post could be seen administering the measles vaccine at a barbershop and giving medication from a drugstore.

Sister-in-charge of Kamwala South Health Post LUCY NONDO reports that the medical staff has relocated to a barbershop and a drugstore to continue providing care to the community.

Also, the community has offered the pharmacy and the barbershop because they want health services to be provided, according to MASIYE MILANZI, chairman of the Kamwala Ward Five Development Committee.

According to Mr. Milanzi, it will take a week to finish the work being done by the Zambia National Service to drain the water from the health post.

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