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World Vision begins $3 million project to restore land

A three million dollar land restoration project for three Districts has begun implementation in Zambia through World Vision.

150,000 hectares of degraded land in the Katete, Sinda, and Chibombo Districts are to be restored under the initiative.

Also, the project is intended to permit natural tree regeneration in deforested areas, according to World Vision Zambia’s Acting Head of the Integrated Program Department, MERCY NGOMA.

According to Ms. NGOMA, seven Chiefdoms have pledged their support for the program, which will also aid in reducing climate change.

This was said by her at the project’s inauguration at Chieftainess Kawaza’s Palace in the Eastern Province district of Katete.

The government will fund the projects, according to Minister of the Green Economy and Environment COLLINS NZOVU.

Mr. NZOVU urged traditional leaders to draft regulations that would punish those responsible for land degradation in a speech that was read on his behalf by Ministry of Green Economy Assistant Director LEWIS MWILA.

He claimed that the administration is also striving to strengthen laws intended to safeguard the environment and forests.

And, Chief Mbang’ombe’s Advisor MUCHITENJI MBEWE said the tradition leaders will not allow anymore deforestation in their Chiefdoms.

Mr. MBEWE, speaking on behalf of the Seven Chiefs, commended World Vision for taking the initiative to repair the damaged land.

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