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Floods brought on by Cyclone Freedy, says DMMU

Due to the increased rainfall that is predicted for ZAMBIA by the end of this week, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit-DMMU has issued a warning about oncoming floods.

The tropical cyclone FREDDY is likely to bring more rain to the North-western, Copperbelt, Central, LUSAKA, Eastern, and Southern Provinces, according to National Coordinator GABRIEL POLLEN.

According to Dr. POLLEN, Cyclone FREDDY is expected to make landfall in Mozambique on Friday according to forecasts from the Zambia Meteorological Agency.

Among other things, he has recommended ZAMBIANS in flood-prone areas to keep emergency contacts and secure their possessions.

This is in accordance with the declaration made to ZNBC news in LUSAKA.

The effects of the storm will be minor, according to senior meteorologist PEGGY THOLE at the Zambia Meteorological Department, as it will have weakened by the time it hits the nation.

Ms. THOLE has stated to ZNBC news that the department will keep track of the cyclone’s progress and migration.

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