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Floods Submerge Bridge: Students in Chief Chibale’s District Want Attend School

Due to floodwaters that inundated a crossing point on the CHIPENDESHI River, more than 300 students in Chief CHIBALE’s Chiefdom in Serenje District might not show up for class when schools resume on Monday.

The community has been utilizing the now-submerged log to cross to the other side to access schools and medical services, according to HECTOR SIMFUKWE of ZNBC.

In addition, local councilor EDDIE MWANDU claims that the absence of a bridge in the region is hindering the execution of the free education program because students are unable to travel to school during inclement weather.

The civic leader continues by saying that services for health and education are no longer provided to those on the other side of the river.

EMMANUEL BANDA, a member of parliament for Muchinga, claims to have written the Permanent Secretary of the Central Province about the situation.

Mr. BANDA said that the government will build the bridge, as the Permanent Secretary has pledged.

He claims that in order to give kids access to the schools on the opposite side of the river, temporary bridge construction is required.


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